My little superpower

Hello lovely people

Can we believe this year is almost over???

I often get asked what exactly my shopping list entails and here it is!!!!

If you like it, click it, add it your your basket and get it sent to your home. EASY PEASY!

Every client is unique and your list will be tailored to you, your needs and YOUR style.

But shhhh this is my little superpower so let’s keep this between us 😉

Have an amazing week!


Over thirty and still very much Clueless…

Clueless fashion is back with a bang this season. Now lets all be honest we all did our time in our teeny tiny tartan skirts with knee high socks and zero cellulite. Not sure about you but I can no longer make that statement not in a mini skirt nor about the cellulite (thanks kids) But that should not be a reason we don’t get to enjoy this trend, we just have to adapt it to who we are now.

The check is timeless, a winter staple. So here is my take on the trend. It’s all abut clashing those prints and playing with colour. (want to see me in the garb go to my inst lie.styled_)


Want to tick every fashion trend of the season in one outfit and make it work? This is how to do it. Shade of yellow ✓pleated midi skirt ✓ 70’s style boots ✓ and of course an argyle jumper ✓ ✓ ✓


Nothing makes me think Christmas more than red tartan. It can be a little tricky to pull this look off as no one wants to look like they off to Santa’s workshop or off to math class so here is how I would do it… This amazing M&S dress worn as an oversized shirt, leaving the bottom half unbuttoned, thrown over tapered trousers, add a waist belt and same killer ankle boots.


As I’m sure you are all very much aware by now, I am all about monochrome. But throwing some red and leopard print into the mix gives this outfit just the right amount of pop to make you stand out from the crowed.

Maybe over the hill but no longer clueless, check me out!!! (See what I did there?)